Saturday, February 16, 2013

Heads Up

I sometimes feel like a modern day Dr. Frankenstein—I want body parts! I have I pair of LEGS, and now a new better (bigger, prettier, and more stable (because its a few ounces heavier) head. The new head has a smaller face, but is almost 2 inches bigger in the head (almost 21 inches round vs a scant, 19 inches.) So hats will fit better on her--Miss Blue Eyes--as she has been named. Not to mention, she looks vaguely human (and the old white head? It looks like an alien!)

But while two heads are better than one, I am not content.  I want more body parts; more legs, and a set of hands and arms—to show off fingerless gloves.

I have one dress form--(but it is a very small one) one of these days, I want another torso—It doesn't have to be my size—but since the dress form I have is perhaps a girls size 12—with just a hint of a bust and waist—I would really like a misses one—perhaps a misses size 12. Still it make a good prop for scarves and shawls, (and even my clothes!) 

My new head came to me from my daughter—I spent yesterday's(well a good part of yesterday) visiting her. She been laid off, and between interviews, and classes (She always sees time off as an opportunity to go back to school)--she has been sewing. New curtains to be hemmed, and some hems and other mending, too.  She sometimes makes her own clothes--and these might be on the agenda, too.  She started  with hemming, and then was brought to a stand still by a non functioning machine.

A dull needle and thread caught in the bobbin case where the start of the problem.. Momma to the rescue.
The was a bit more to the problem—and to some degree, I don't know what I did to resolve the problem, I fiddle with this and than, and when I left, the machine was working. I left her with the instructions to replace her dull sewing machine needle.

So what else? Sadly not much to report. I got the collar sewn on the shirt, (it still needs a good pressing) and the cuffs on the sleeves. Next, the sleeves get set in, to the shirt.  Then the finishing details: buttons, buttonholes, and hem.

But I don't like the way this shirt fits. So it will not be worn very often. I need to go back to the drawing board, and find a better pattern.

But I have done a lot of cleaning up in my sewing room, and have a ton of plans for sewing in these dying days of winter.

Any minute now, I will get back to knitting in earnest, too. The lackadaisical round or two is doing much for my sock, and nothing else has had anything done. I see each day is getting longer and spring is on its way, but the weeks on end of nights longer than days is taking its toll. I wake up at 6, and its still dark (sunrise isn't till 6:45 or so)--not full dark, but not light either. I don't like starting the day in the dark (even if all I do is get up for a moment, and then head back to bed for another hour.)

I plan to sew some today—to finish the blouse, and cut some more items... Cutting is the biggest effort, once cut, I fell like I can whip a skirt of vest in a morning! (Almost can, too!)

One quick and easy project will be a drawstring bag--I rescued a Scrabble game from the recycle room (alas, the house hold board was taken by one of my kids several years ago, and I never got around to replacing it) It's short some letters--but I have found replacements--already!  It needs a letter bag, too.  That's a quick and easy project (I will recylce a heavy canvas bag (from gift packed pistachio nuts)--a patch that has Scrabble (vs Pistachios!) on the front of the bag is about all that is needed.

I play on line Scrabble --no make that Words with Friends, (on FaceBook).    Real Scrabble is one of the pool side activities.  Having a board of my own will let me pick and chose who I play with--and means I can plan other places, besides the pool, too.

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