Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Jersey-

In New York, just about anything said about NJ is dismissive. Encounter a bad driver? Ask-Where'da you learn how to drive, NJ?--Sure bridge and tunnel girls (and woman are dismissed,), but for Jersey girl—there is question—What do NJ girls and NY garbage have in common? (They both get picked up by 3AM.) Jersey Shore? To hear NY'ers tell it, the TVshow is about some of the classy people—not the usual crowd. New Jersey state bird? The Mosquito--(they grow them big in New Jersey!) And for everyone of these, there are dozen more insults.

Yeah, I can sling the insults as good as any other NY. But... I know—there is more to the state. Sure it has its industrial waste lands, but the appellation of the garden state isn't all wrong. And while the show Jersey Shore focuses on the worst, the fact is, the entire east coast of US—from Carolina's to NY's Long Island, are blessed with beautiful beaches—and NJ has a long coastline. 

I particularly like Cape May—in the south—but then every one has a favorite—and there are a lot to chose from. Atlantic City for many years via'd with Niagara Falls as the honeymoon capital, and its beaches are still famed (even if it is now better know for its gambling casinos), and still a bit under the weather from tropical storm Sandy.

So—a bit of seriousness now—and a bit of focus on some of the good thing. Like this program—AGFAF--Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund.

I just recently learned about this organization, and I wanted to give them some more publicity. I know there are thousand of organizations that want your money—but every once in a while, an organization like this comes along—one that is so easy to get behind and support. Meanwhile,no knitting, no sewing. But the good news is, B is home from hospital/rehab unit. He's walking (not quite normally but so much better) with a rolling walker—And is clearly on the mend.

I worked with his cousin—to help get things ready on Monday, and followed up by doing some grocery shopping on Tuesday, then  met B when he got home on Wednesday. A college friend of his came in from out of town to stay with him—last night—and won't be leaving to late tomorrow. So he is settling in, and re- aclimating himself. By next week, auxililary sevices will kick in.... Out patient PT, and a few hours each day of home health care—With someone to shop, and clean and do laundry—B will be left to just getting himself better. The auxililary care will only last a few weeks—but it should be enough.

Today, I am hitting my sewing machine. I want to get something done!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Even though I follow you with friend connect, you don't always show up there, so I'm behind with you! Glad that you are feeling better, and getting on with your sewing and knitting. I have to come back later and finish reading all your busy posts. You keep me motivated and on track, Helen. Thanks!