Friday, February 08, 2013

Still No Knitting

to report on—but laundry (done on Tuesday) is all washed, dried, fold, and hung up.--Even the stuff that needed touch up ironing.

Some ironing was done for sewing too, cuffs and collars got pressed (as they must be, before being sewn in) and some wrinkles craft paper got ironed, too. The craft paper is re-cycled. It was used in one the holiday packages I received. It was crumpled up as packing material.

Now its flat once again, and will be recycled to make sturdier copies of some of the patterns I come back to again and again—and to add some variety to some of those patterns.

I like the round neck vest (I have made it 3 times already!) but when I bought it, I was looking for a V neck vest with a shaped hem. I never did find a pattern for a vest like that. But now, I can use craft paper to reshape the pattern I have. I can make it longer , and with a V neck, and add a shaped hem to the basic vest. Then when I make 3 or 4 more vest, they won't all be identical (not that the 3 I have already made are identical—I have added pockets (different styles of pockets) and changed the closures, (One vest has snaps, the others buttons, and one (cut but not yet sewn) will be closed with a separating zipper) and I have changed the length --but now that I know how long to make the vest (a full 2 inches longer than the pattern suggest) all future versions are going to be the longer, more comfortable length!

I plan on doing some more sewing today and tomorrow. I know it seems like I have a ton of clothes when laundry time rolls around—but I want to make some of the matching pieces—and I still need some basics --like a plain black skirt!

For now, I want to focus on darker colors (and heavy weights) for the last few days of the winter months. Then, I want to add some brighter colors, for spring and summer.

I need (NEED? Well I want!) to make some throw pillows, too. I have a bolster pillow that needs a cover, and I have some friends than need some throw pillows (None is not enough!) I have fabric, and I have polyfill (I don't actually have enough pillow forms right now to give away throw pillows)

The coming storms means I will likely be housebound tomorrow (I will get out today- rain won't stop me) but if I have no pressing reason for venturing out of doors—I won't be out much tomorrow. 

Of course we could be luck—as it is, the weather forecaster have been pointing out—there is a narrow band where there is more rain than snow expected.. but the band is so narrow—a small change in one directions or another can mean a huge difference. (the range of forecast snow goes from 18 inches to 2 inches—with most of the forecasters coming in in the middle range—8 inches to 14.

It's just snow—and the worst of it won't start till late in the day—and worst will be tomorrow morning—not too bad for those who have a 9 to 5/Monday to Friday schedule. And it's already February-- Spring is around the corner, It's not like a November storm when you know there will be plenty more months of this to come. Next month is March, and soon the chances of snow fall be over.

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