Monday, February 25, 2013

Vested Interest

What's the old axiom? Everything always takes long than you think—yes, that's the one.

The black vest has taken shape—it's still not finished. Lots, and lots of work has been done. Every little detail has taken longer than planned, and the result is lots of progress, but not there yet.

Gold rick rack got added—and removed. I thought I wanted gold trim, but—after just a little had been sewn on, I had a change of heart. I like the plain black better. It's more tailored and elegant plain. The gold looked tawdry, tacky. I'll keep it for something more casual—where it can look campy, and fun—maybe a denim skirt—that I can tart up with some gold rick rack, and golden zipper, and other gold trim. 

But I like this vest as it is. Plain, simple, but at the same time elegant, tailored and  detailed. Paired with a plain black skirts—it will be at once casual, with a T-shirt top under the vest, or dressy with a lace or ruffled top peaking over the neckline. Even just a plain simple silk shirt would create a dressy look--as will the addition of pretty pin.

There are still side seams to sew, and button holes to make, and buttons to be sewn on, too. But lots of work has gone into the vest.

I am particularly vain about the pockets. So simple and just so. Not big, but easily big enough for a smart phone (I don't own a smart phone—but..) A simple little welt, just the perfect touch on the plain black. Vanity in the guise of a pocket.

I will continue to work on it today—and get the skirt finished, too. Then will thread the machine with red thread and fill a red bobbin, so that I am ready to start the next vest first thing tomorrow morning—only I like won't have much chance to sew tomorrow or Wednesday, for that matter. One doctor appointment for me, and one for B—He needs to get to Manhattan, and a car service (one way) is easily the same as 4 hours in a garage. So I can drive him there, then park the car, and then pickup up. Waiting time can be knitting time—which is a good thing. I haven't knit a stitch in over a week now! (and while I have been sewing --it's just been a bit!)

I love the idea of the red vest.. so bright and cheerful—and as always, I love bright clean colors. I have red socks and shoes, too--So it will be a nice addition to my wardrobe--clothes to match already knit socks!

The delays won't really interfere much with it's construction. There are always small detail that can be worked on—interfacing to cut and iron on—or I can cut the denim version of the vest out.. and have it in the ready.  Then, when I have the time, I can get all the little pieces put together.. (Yeah, right.. see the opening paragraph again, Helen!) 

I love having new clothes—It's something I have been talking about again and again, a few years. I did buy some tailored shirts 3 years ago, and make some quick skirts then, too, but now I am really going to town. Sometimes I feel like such a clothes horse—but I likely have few clothes than many—and many of my old clothes were worn out, or too big or both--Last summer I had a major clean out of of my closets--and got rid of all my old VERY FAT clothes. So these new clothes are just filling in the gaps.

I especially like have such well made clothes. I like a bit a luxury, and hand made, detailed clothes can be a luxury. Some (non sewers!) still harbor the notions formed in their childhood, or from their grandparents generation—that making clothes at home is cheaper—thought slightly inferior to store bought ones. But they are the same that are astounded by how well finished and “REAL” my clothes look—and shocked that I haven't saved huge amounts of money.

Sewing is hardly a savings—well,  that is in general. It is slightly for me, because I have a stash of fabric and notions, (as well as of yarn)--but if you start out buying patterns, and fabric, and thread and notions—most of the time you'll end spending as much or more than similar items in clothing store—especially if you shop for bargains.

But those bargains will have serger seams, and other quick and dirty construction methods. What more—you'll be stuck with what ever the fashion of the day is. I like some details that are hard to find—inset, side seam pockets in my skirts, and little pockets in vests, and full linings, too. I like co-ordinated pieces, too, a well as mix and match. I like that I can make clothes that fit me—Long waisted vest, and narrow shoulders, and all the other little quirks that my body has. But I have said all of this before, haven't I?

If I get around to posting tomorrow, it will be late in the day—but maybe I'll have something to show!

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