Tuesday, March 19, 2013


A few years ago, I went public with one of my knitting obsessions*--Cast ons.   I started listing all the different cast ons that I knew. My first list had 34 cast ons... and it was almost immediately obsolete—and jumped to 40.

In the next few years, 40 climbed to 48—and stayed there for a while. Then, it jumped again to 50. Fifty became 51, 52, and 53 in short order.

It was sometimes hard to find the list here on my blog--so I made my web page primarily to make the list and links to the cast on videos easier to find. 

Now the list is jumping again. Fifty three jumped to 57 in a few weeks, and now, the list is going up again—58!

This newest cast on comes from CraigH on Ravelry, (via his mother) and is another version of long tail
It's a cast on half way between a standard long tail and a channel island cast on. A missing link of sorts!

The cast on—like the channel island cast on, has a twisted base –(the two yarn of the cast on twist)
but unlike the Channel Island, no YO stitch, and a much finer knotted base stitch. The cast on is both attractive and stretchy.

So here we go again with another cast on for you to try and perhaps add to your repertoire.

*I have other knitting obsessions..Like socks and hats, and leaf motifs, and double knitting, and (when you have been knitting for over 50 years, you can have a new obsession every 10 years or so--and have quite a collection after a while!) Learning about every method of cast ons is just my most recent.

(As an aside, the edging is done on the bottom up shawl, and stitch patterns for the panels have been selected, but nothing has been knit)  

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