Friday, March 01, 2013


Well, almost done—the skirt still needs an inside button and hook and eye at the waist band, and the vest needs a stitch or two in the lining—and both pieces need a final pressing. The front of the vest needs the white chalk marks (for button hole placement) brushed off, too—something I hadn't really notice till I took the photo!

But the black thread is off the machine,and the red thread is on—complete with a red bobbin. Plus, the denim version of the vest has been cut--(I have a plentiful supply of denim blue thread—and 2 full spools of a gold top stitching thread—for finishing details.)  One of these days, I am going to spring for a flat felled seamer foot for my sewing machine.  (No doubt, it will be the day after I finish up my current supply of denim!)  I do really like flat felled seams.. and a special foot makes them much easier to do (i make mock flat felled seams. 

So next up is sewing up the red vest, followed by the denim one, and maybe denim skirt, too, before I cut the next sewing project. The next denim skirt will be a pieced on—I am still working my way through the pile of fat quarters I snagged at a garage sale some 3 years ago—a great big bag of goodies, that is still being worked. After this, I might cut the quarters and piece them—There are well over a dozen fat quarter left—but only one or two of a weight/shade of blue. Not enough to make a full outfit out of any single piece.--but there are a enough these odd fat quarters—so something can be done with them. I just have to work out how!

I commenced casting on my sparkly blue shawl—34 groups so far--(of the 90 I need) Row 1 will reduce the stitch count almost by half—When I finally get to row 1. The cast on is slow and tedious--It's not a standard cast on, (Well it is and it isn't)  in case you hadn't guessed—you can begin to see the lace picots already.

The first part of this project was cutting a hundred or so stitch markers—I started with a red drinking straw—and carefully snipped 1/16 of straw off—again and again—until all of the straw was gone. I am not counting the stitches--but rather each group of stitches that form the pointed lacy picot I check each group before I place a marker--and make sure each group is correct (if not, well its not hard to undo a dozen cast on stitches and to do them again.) 

Tuesday—I worked on the cast on  in the doctors waiting room, and then later at Knit night—I couldn't find my little tin that held all the stitch markers—and ended up cutting more. (thankfully I had a spare drinking straw handing in my project bag.) I was really bummed out. Its tedious to cut the straw into 1/16 of inch ring, and I REALLY liked the little green tin (Do you recognize it? Trader Joe's Green Tea mints—which I don't really like—I just like the tin!)

At the end of the night when I went to pay my bill—I found it! I had in haste, tucked the tin into my purse, not the into my project bag when we left the doctors office.

Wednesday was busy—B is home now, and still can't drive—so I have been his chauffeur—I don't mind—I get to use his car for my errands, too. What with my doctors appointment,  and his need for a trip to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, and then a trip to supermarket—mostly for him--(I picked up some frozen spinach—it's one of my staple greens these days)--Well,  no sewing got done.. and no knitting either.

I am still “off” I am having trouble sleeping (a rare thing for me) and having trouble working up the energy to do anything in the day... I want to start something new—but nothing has jumped out and said KNIT ME—Not a pattern, not a skein of yarn. Even the 2 skeins of white sock yarn haven't called out to be dyed into some new and different color way.

Even my sewing is going slow. But Spring will soon be here. And slowly the days will be long than the nights, and I will perk up.

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