Friday, March 29, 2013

I've Been in a Funk

And have been working hard to get out.

Bought a new toy (a Nook e-reader/tablet (the Nook HD)--and got a great bargain.
I had 2 gift cards ($25 gift cards for B&N), and $100 gift. When I got to B&N (yes, I went to a brick and mortar store—really a brick building!) There was an unadvertised sale--($40 off) so with all the taxes (Over 8% in NYC), and all the savings, the Nook ended up costing me under $100. It's an early birthday gift to myself—Next up is filling the Nook with books (there is a long list and it grows all the time of things I want to read!)

I found a new cast on, too, and added a new video to my web page. Every time I think I have learned every cast on there is, yet another comes along! 58 cast ons on my list, and several edits done to make the pages easier to read (more to come!)

I even got some sewing done (not much, just overcasting the edges on next project—a denim vest) and sorted through fabrics. I search some boxes and found more fabric I forgot I had!) and planned what fabric is going to become what—I have so much fabric! 

 After the vest, a denim skirt, and a indigo blue jumper. After that-- well then there are LOTs of ideas to chose from. But I haven't finish anything in the past few weeks.

Got laundry done—Washed, dried and folded--
but I have been getting dresses every day from the clean laundry basket.. I haven't quite gotten it put a way (a week now!)--except for the socks. (and my sock bin is overflowing!)

I been out, and seeing friends, and doing all I can to get back my groove.. and haven't been very successful.

Finally, in the past few days, I have gotten some knitting done—not much—but each row I do, encourages me to do another. The lace is emerging from the fancy edge—and every row is getting shorter.. 10 rows in means,  there are 20 fewer stitches per row—and it only gets better with every row.   

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