Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Less Than NOT Knitting.

That's right, frogging. I finally got the thousand some odd stitches cast on for the bottom up shawl, and I decided I didn't like the cast on edge. My dislike had been growing with each stitch I cast on, until, just a few repeats before I was done, I pulled it off and undid it. It took a while!

I've started again,--25 of 90 repeats done-- and I am much, much happier with the edge.

Same thing happened with my hat inspired by Lucy Neatby. I cast on late at night, and made a mistake and worked both sides of the hat in stocking knit (a pretty standard sort of double knitting.) The original design called for stocking knit on the inside, and reverse stocking knit on the outside.. I was willing to let that mistake go—after all the hat still looked pretty. But as I worked on it—it seemed so small. I was perplexed.. Yes, I was working with a DK weight yarn—but I had cast on extra stitches.. It should be big enough I kept thinking. Why was the hat so small it looked baby sized?

One sunny morning—it hit me like a brick. Yes, I had cast on extra stitches.. 120 in total.. Only.. with double knitting this worked out to 60 stitches per side—or baby sized!  

Two mistakes were 1 too many. So into the frog heep it went.

My socks (From JANUARY!) are still not even half done. They haven't been frogged, (and I actually worked 2 rounds last night at Knit night) but these too have been languishing. Nothing knitting seems to catch my fancy.

I haven't done much sewing either... But I am thoroughly enjoying my red vest. I have worn it almost every day this past week. Even on day's when it was really too warm to be wearing an extra layer of clothing. Its been worn with jean's skirts, and with khaki, and with my chocolate brown one. One day it was worn with the dotty skirt. I just love it. It fits well, and looks good, and red is a good cheer me up color.

And it's worked to a degree. If not knitting, I am, at least thinking clearer, and not just plodding along.

Maybe by tomorrow I will have the shawl cast on (again), and the hat cast on again –and will have something to blog about!

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