Sunday, March 03, 2013

Seeing Red

Oh, now this is what I had in mind when I went searching for a vest pattern...A classic.

I bought the best pattern I could find (at the time), and now with a big pile of craft paper to play with—I have re shaped the pattern and have something closer to my ideal.

First off, a V-neck. (the lowered round neck was OK, but I like this V neck much better!), with a notched hem. Sure you can make (and I did make--5 of them!) a vest with a straight hem, but I like the look of a notched hem so much better. This notch isn't perfect (but I have more craft paper, I can change it yet again!) but it's OK. No better than OK. Not perfect, but a nice improvement.

Then there are pockets. These are the fanciest yet. Inset—because inset is so much prettier and more tailored looking than patch pockets –or at least they are in my opinion! This time with a flap—a notch flap that echo's the notched hem.
I like to change up minor details as I make versions of basic pattern.  Pockets are an easy place to make changes.  They are not big pockets.. but big enough for a cell phone --a smart cel phone--not that I have one.  Not the top of the line (practically notebook sized ones) but most smart phones. 

Actually one pocket (on the inside)  is bigger than the other, and the phone will only fit in one pocket—but that's a minor detail.--I always end up cutting pockets from the scraps, and sometimes they don't end up the same size. The flaps are both the same size--so the inside detail matter less.

I get better and better with each inset pocket I make. I haven't decided yet if the pocket flaps will get buttonholes and be button down or not—but since I don't have enough buttons at the moment—for now they will be just flaps.

Obviously, still not done—there are buttonholes and buttons (and off stage, a pair of side seams) to sew—and the will be a few inches of lining to hand sew after the side seams get sewn.

I am so happy about this vest. I love the color—so bright and cheerful—and it will go with so much!
It's a natural with denim, or black (that I just finished.) Plus,  I have some black denim somewhere in my pile of fabrics.  It will go with navy--(navy fabric awaits)--a navy skirt and navy T shirt will look great with this--(and for a patriotic look, I can don a white T shirt)  It will look great with my dotty set—too. Really changing the look of that  outfit when I sub a solid red vest for the print one. Just as the diamond brocade knit vest changes the look.  And I have other outfits that can stand a splash of red.

I haven't done a stitch of knitting. I have it handy, I look at it, and Meh, I just have no interest for the moment. But I love seeing red.

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