Thursday, April 18, 2013

An Other Inch

And then some more—now the armhole is at 4.5 inches deep –not quite half way.   9 inches is about the minimum depth—and unless I am in serious danger of running out of yarn—I will make the arm hole deeper. Not much (10 inches?) but a bit.

The V neck shaping continues. So for the front at least, every couple of  rows there are fewer and fewer stitches.—which makes guestimating how much yarn I have left harder. The back is still pretty plain (that is just the same stitch pattern; no decreases or shaping—I am counting on the slight rib of the pattern to make the most of the shaping—But I do plan a bit more shaping at the top—the 3 stitch purl “ditch” between each column of lace will be reduced to 2 stitches in the last inch or so of the shoulder area.

The garter button band will be continued round the back. This is the trickiest part. Decreasing early enough to make a big deep (deep and wide) back neck.

Sewing is reductive (cut X, allowing 5/8th of inch seam allowance) and the final edge is reduced (a high neck becomes lower) But knitting is the opposite. I need to make the neck line deeper and wider than I want it, and then ADD on an inch or so of banding, making the neckline higher and smaller.

I have the shoulder seams to think about, too. I think I might bind off the back, and (half) graft the front edge to the back. The lacy columns won't quite line up—the stitch pattern is P2/K7(lace)/P1—If I keep the counts even—a must for grafting—the patterns won't line up the front will be P2/K7/P1, and it will folded onto the back (which will be P1/K7/P2—in effect.)--Which is why I am thinking about the decrease in the Purls—a pattern of P1/K7/P1 will match up better.

But I think I need one bound off edge to help support the knitting.

So I am off to get my daily inch (at least) of knitting done—Who knows maybe even 2 inches. The idea is to finish this project!

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