Thursday, April 04, 2013

Inching Along

Doubled in length now—See I have gone from 2 buttonholes to 4 and then some. Partial skeins are disappearing and becoming sweater vest at a good pace. I am very happy with little vest. I love the color, I love the yarn, and I love knitting it. I love the lace pattern, too. It's not blocked yet (it won't be hard blocked)--and it looks so pretty.

It will be a bit cropped for my general taste. There just isn't enough yarn for a long vest--but that won't matter. I have (it's almost imperceptible) started the V neck shaping, too. I want the V to be long and deep.

More progress could have been made, but spring cleaning continues, and plus I needed to fit in a quick trip to the store to buy some more thread. I have spools and spools—and yet it never fails, I run out! Partly it's because the pretty 'denim' color way of thread comes in small spools (125 yards) only. I could just work with plain navy—but I was also short of the dark gold heavy duty top stitching thread, too.

After this vest, there are 2 more denim projects planned—so I bought out the store. Well, the spools were in short supply—4 (denim) and 2 top stitching spools is hardly a shopping spree. One of the still to come denim pieces is a print—It's not really denim at all--(since it's an even weave not a twill) but the indigo colors make it denim-ish. It won't be top stitched--or at least, not top stitched with heavy gold thread--The plan is that this piece will become  a simple pull over dress. (or will it be a simple shirt dress?)  But the other denim project is a 6 gore skirt –and all the seams in the skirt will be top stitched.     Plus I have some other small denim projects—so I am not sure that I won't run out of thread again!

The denim vest is still incomplete—but progress has been made. The outside of the vest is done, and the lining, too. I stopped last night midway through the pockets—welted inset ones, once again, but this time, not straight and short, but vertical and deep.

I still need to finish up the pockets (top stitching the pocket welt and sewing in the pocket lining) and joining the outside to the lining. That won't take long—But there will be details after that. Buttons and button holes, top stitching, too. Most of the seams have been top stitched already, but I will also top stitch all of the edge, too.
I expect to have it finished by Sunday.

There are lots of little details... Just the sort of thing I like. Its the same basic pattern I have been using for months now. But with all the details slightly different. I like this long, V necked, notched hem version of the vest best. Once I add riveted buttons, and the final stop stitching—it will have a very classic denim look. Casual, but detailed.. a curious mixture of work a day clothes and tailored dressy clothing.

So that's what I have been up to!

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