Saturday, April 20, 2013

Not Done Yet--

But—getting closer! Last night I finished off the back--and had less than a yard of yarn left in the full skein I used for working the back.

There is still quite a bit of yarn on the other two partial skeins—and only a few yards will be needed to knit the garter band for the back neck facing. The remains? Trim I guess on something (some lace trim on a pair of white (or solid blue?) arm warmers? Or some trim on a hat? Or both? Or something else? Well nothing I am thinking of right now.

So here it is, garter bands till to be knit, but shoulders grafted and ends woven in.

Finished-- it is a few inches longer than the spice vest—but it's also an inch or so short of the ideal length. I love the results anyway. The yarn—almost all partial skeins was $3 at a garage sale—and the results? Easily worth 10 times that—if this were machine made. Hand made? 100 times increase in value!

Already it is a match for several items in my wardrobe--but it will be pretty paired with a navy skirt (still to come) or a grey one.  

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