Saturday, April 13, 2013


It's a good thing to have. It makes everything else easy.

I have resolved to lose weight—again.
I lost weight last year—and slowly but surely, as I lost my resolve, my weight has been creeping up again. That is going to stop.

I have resolved to accomplish more of my goals.
I need to be diligent about knitting, and designing (actually the easy part) and to be especially diligent about documenting my work—both for my blog (as fodder) and for sale.

I have resolved to exercise more.
I need to shake myself out of my low grade depression (and attendant agoraphobic tendencies) and get out more, even if just for a quick walk around the block—but I also need to do more than that.

I have resolved to clean up my surrounding
To get rid of the clutter, to organize the things I want to keep, and to get rid of the stuff that I don't really need or want. (This is a hard task for me!)

I have resolved to be more grateful.
It's is paradoxical, but the more I appreciate what I have, the less I need.
The more I give of my self, the more I experience a positive sense of self.

I have resolved to try and stop fixing the world.
And to work on fixing my self. There is lots of room for improvement.

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Anonymous said...

I've been reading blogs for a few days trying to catch up on everyone. Your resolves are a terrific way to work out of a small depression.

Sorry to hear about your friend not being able to make his way out of killer attitudes - that's sad. Maybe he will have an epiphany! It's never too late to grow some new wings. Stay positive for yourself. You are wonderful, you know.