Friday, April 19, 2013

The Arm Holes Get Deeper

While the skeins get more and more anemic. I try not to look at them, or to worry. I got many more rows (earlier in the knitting) than I thought possible for anemic skeins, and now each row is so much shorter. I am hoping that all my angst is for naught.

The front sections, original had 65 stitches—they each lost 5 to the armhole (the back lost 5 too), The front V neck saw 15 stitches whittled away over many rows —and is now just 45 stitches. 3 more single stitch decreases to go-- as the 3 purl stitch “ditch” between the lace columns become 2 stitch ditches. This will make the shoulder a bit narrower—since I have narrow shoulders. Not very narrow (my shoulder or the vest!)--but the small decrease will make the shoulder area less stretchy—and looking narrower.

The back hasn't changed much... originally 120 stitches, is now 110 stitches. But big changes are coming soon. Since the front bands (5 garter stitches/1 inch) will be continue (after the front shoulders are put on stitch holders. These bands will added to the back neck, so I will need to start the neck line early—but not too early—plus I want the back of the vest longer than the front. I think 2 extra rows rows are enough to make the back just a little longer than the front. Adding two extra rows when knitting flat is piece of cake.

I want the back neck to be slightly lowered--(about ½ inch or so below a normal neck line ) and since the band adds about 1 inch—I need to begin the neck shaping at about inch 8.5 (or so) of the armholes. Maybe latter, if I think I have enough yarn. There will also be some “AT THE SAME TIME” shaping of the back neck and the shoulder—All lot of things will be going on at once! Fortunately, the front neck shaping is complete—from this point the V neck is going to have a straight edge. The decreases in the ribbing will effect the shape of the neck edge is a subtle way.

I had reserved a full skein for the back, and 2 partial ones for the front. Enough I thought—but now, as the skeins become see through—I worry that I underestimated.

This is the exciting (scary!) part of knitting with left overs (and in this case, OTHERS left overs) the question is: Will I have enough? The yarn (all of the yarn in this project) was $3—the cost of yarn is not the issue. The issue is—will I have enough? Do I have enough yarn to add another 2 inches (at least!) to the armholes? Will I have enough to complete the garter band? Will my fear cause me to come to an end too soon? Nothing worse than shortchanging a sweater or a vest (for fear of running out of yarn) and then finding yards and yards of left over yarn (and skimpy sweater).

It would be a shame to have put in the effort—and not have a well fitting FO. Will I have enough yarn? Or will there be a short fall? Tune in tomorrow to see!

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gayle said...

In this situation, I always catch myself holding my breath. Doesn't help at all, though...
Good luck!