Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Tome

All 700+ pages of it.

I piggy backed on a friends order (KnitPicks)--she had a big enough order for free shipping and I got free shipping, too.

And now I have the UR of all knitting books. Last night I turned the pages, and looked here and there at a detail or two. There is a lot of information here. I know most of it.. but there are still ideas that are new to me. Stitches and details that make small differences-some detail that I KNEW (but had never thought about or analyzed, and really understood.

There are (I think—but it was late, (11 PM before I really got to read) some cast one variations (like yet more variations of basic long tail) that are new to me. And some new bind offs, too. (and maybe as a result, another matching pair of Cast on /Bind off. But cast ons and bind offs are just two of many many chapters.

I know this book will help get my creative juices flowing.. with new uses for techniques—both new and old.

Meanwhile-- since yesterday the armhole (newly made) has grown to be 3 inches deep (or about 1/3rd completed. If I am able to keep up this rate (hardly a cut throat pace) I should have the vest complete by the end of the week.  

I don't plan to rush--and I reading --both the tome and other books will cut into knitting time.  But I do want to have a FO--its seems like ages since I have finished anything!

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