Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Yarn Has Spoken

I've been trudging along, unable to muster the effort to knit. Then this weekend, something snapped!

First-- it was a request to help someone with a very simple pattern—you can find it here- a reverse engineered pattern for a slouch hat with a twisted rib edge. I knit 2 over the weekend, as well as writing up the pattern. 

Since the pattern is mine (simple, but double checked!)--but the design, not, I am offering for free. I don't knit much on big needles (I think US8/5mm to be big—and this pattern uses size 11/8mm!), and I don't have a lot of chunky yarn to use to test knit. 

 One sample is Bernat's Felting, natural wool, (shown) the second is KnitPicks Swish DK held double, which needed even bigger needles to get the right gauge. But I am sure there are plenty of other chunky yarns that would work well.    This hat is a fast and easy knit. Suitable for a beginner even (well you do need to know how to knit in the round, since the pattern presumes that!)--there is even a link to a video tutorial for making the twisted stitches used in the ribbing.

Then on Sunday looking for something else—I stumbled across some  yarn, and in very quiet, commanding voice—something like Obi Wan Kanobi, it said: This is the yarn you are looking for. I resisted for a few hours.

The yarn is Patons Impressions--(discontinue) and I have a dozen or so almost complete skeins. Yesterday morning, the yarn was still sitting there, passively commanding me. I picked up the yarn, in seconds, I was knitting.    Now, 24 hours later, I have this to show. It's about 5 inches of a simple ribbed lace—the hem of a simple little vest.  I am knitting the whole thing as one till the underarm, (and with a deep V neck coming too.

The stitch  pattern is a simple one (the gauge is 10 stitches =2 inches—so I was sort of looking for a 10 stitch stitch pattern)--I don't remember the name of the stitch, or where to find it. It's not one I've invented—I have knit this pattern before sometime in the distant past, and my fingers just knew what to do.

So far, 2 of the larger partial skeins have been knit—and I have some 5 inches or so. I've taken the 1 full skein, and 2 of the smaller partial skeins and set them aside for the fronts above the armhole, and the back, too. I'll keep working the other skeins until I have no more and then I'll divide the work. I think I'll end up with a good 12 inches or so. It will be a little cropped, and a bit shorter than my ideal length—but that's OK.

The yarn was a garage sale purchase (from about 5 years ago) and I loved it from the moment I saw it—and the $3 price tag didn't hurt either! It is wool, so it will be warm, but the color is so cool and so perfect for the spring. The knitting jumps into my hands, and practically knits its self. Since it is a rib, I passed on making any sort of border, and just jumped right into the pattern.

If I were to make it again, I would rethink the garter stitch button band. It's OK, but I think I could have done better.

So the sparkly blue shawl is taking a rest, and socks are too. I might find myself making a pair of sock that sort of match this bright turquoise blue yarn—next--and force myself to work on the secret socks—and then reward myself with other.   Right now, I want to knit with this happy yarn.

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