Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The real yesterday, and the allegorical one. Yesterday—the real one—was Earth Day, and I spent most of it with my daughter at a Earth Day celebration at St John's University (the Queens one—for you sports fans, the RED MEN one.)

Curiously, I have lived in Queens more than 30 years, and this was just my second time on this campus--(the first was for my son's HS graduation. His graduating class was too large for the his HS auditorium—forget about the class plus parents and family.)

The Earth Day fest was small—but it was pleasant doing something for Earth Day—and spending time with my daughter. She was there promoting her local CSA—Many of the kids were interested--but not really candidates—since they didn't live locally. Some of the staff was more interested—and more likely to join a CSA.

The weather was –well spring like. Most of the day was sunny and moderated the cool air--(the high for day was just 53°--(11C))--which wasn't really uncomfortable cool (even when standing and sitting around most of the day)—but it was breezy—and gusts of wind knocked over many of the displays—and when the sun was behind the clouds and the wind gusted--the cold cut through warm clothing leaving us chilled –A special thanks to Coffeed—fresh brewed cups of coffee were a treat--and warming.

I was around –and participated in the first earth day, too. I haven't always done something for earth day over the past 40 something years—but I have for many of them.

I brought knitting with me, and got a cast on done—more yarn from the same garage sale as the last yarn--(now a buttonless sweater vest)--11 skeins of thick and thin wool and mohair blend (that is a guess—based on how it looks and feels—since I don't have any labels for this yarn.) Not very soft, --and interesting. A catch  word for I sort of like it.. but I am not sure. I like the colors—but I am unsure of the texture, (how it is spun) and unsure of the softness (or rather the lack there of) and unsure of the quanity—Well I know I have 11 skeins—but I don't know how many yards that is—or how far that unknown yardage will go towards making a sweater. I am starting top down.. and we'll see how far I get. Enough I think for short sleeved sweater.. maybe enough for half sleeve—or maybe not. The first skein didn't seem to get that far—just a few inches—but its hard to figure with a top down sweater and every round increasing.

It's all ready too big (too many stitches on the needle) to stretch out and see how it really looks. Plain--just stocking knit.  A busy yarn like this doesn't need any stitch pattern.  It will be a fast project too--this bulky wool + size 13 needles means it won't take long at all to knit.  (After this something fine I think  Maybe another top of sock weight yarn and size 3 needles.

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