Friday, May 24, 2013

Hello, Remember Me?

I have been gone for a while—I'd love to report everything I did.. (I will) It won't take but a few paragraphs.

I have been reading a lot--Soon I'll give you my reading list--it is some what eclectic.

A little sewing—1 skirt (with a border print) shortened and taken in –the hard way. Off with waist band, pockets removed, inches cut from top edge of skirt, pockets sewn back in, and waist band replaced. The 10 year old denim skirt is almost not worth the effort—except I really liked it.. Printed denim is something special.

A little bit of knitting too. A hat finished—an experimental hat that is well OK, but not really a success. There are always charities in needs of hats. This hat works (as a hat) but...It's not what I envisioned, so it's back to the design board—to work at getting something closer to what I want.

I've started a scarf,too. I love this yarn, and I have been searching for the right thing to make with it.  I'm still not sure this scarf is it. The pattern is a slight variation on Old Shale, with an extra row of garter thrown in--and accented by being worked in a triple strand of yarn. 

A bit of work got done on my web page, too.  First some basic editing-It's amazing how many little errors creep in. It starts as a word document, but then I end up editing after I have uploaded it-- and in seconds, there are missing it('s) or the('s) or there are double IT or double THE—or some other errors.  Its so hard to proofread your own documents.

Finally,  I've made another sampler –and started a second (or 4th-since I have done two of these previously) sampler of cast ons. One thing my list of cast on is missing are images of how the cast on looks. This first sampler features 8 different variations on LONG TAIL.

The second sampler (not yet complete) is going to be worked in two colors of yarn— some of the variations are much easier to see the details if the thumb yarn is worked in a contrasting color. Since I already have the Standard Long Tail and the Open Loop long tail done in 2 colors, I have included these photos—the contrasting yarn makes it easier to see the very slight difference between the two cast ons.

There are some variations of long tail that look ho hum in a single color—but are much prettier in 2 colors. And some variations that are especially intended for 2 colors.

So here  are the first 8 version of Long Tail; (starting at the bottom and working my way up) +2 in two colors.

Standard Long Tail (which can be worked as Sling shot or Thumb method)
Standard Long Tail Cast ON
2 color Standard Long Tail Cast On

OPEN Loop Long Tail—(which can be work Sling Shot, Thumb, or Knit on)
Open Loop Long Tail Cast ON
2 color Open Loop Long Tail Cast on

Twisted Long Tail (call German, or Norwegian, or just plain Twisted)
Twisted Long Tail Cast On

Estonian Long Tail—(a combination of Standard and Open Loop Long Tail worked alternately)
Estonian Long Tail Cast On

Austrian Long Tail-(a Long Tail version that has twisted stitches (in base row)--followed by a twisted rib.
Austrian (twisted stitch) Long Tail Cast on

Double Twisted Long Tail (a variation of the KNIT ON version—the chain that makes the braid effect is not very evident in a single color, but the edge is very attractive, isn't it?
Double Twisted Long Tail Cast on

Forward (standard) and Reverse Long tail- One stitch made in the standard long Tail method, one stitch made by starting the base stitch on the index finger (not on thumb) This cast on is a nice one for double knitting, standard or 2 color ribbing.
Forward and Reverse Long Tail cast on

Braided long tail—the braid is much more evident in the two color version, but this long tail does create an attractive edge in a single color.

Braided Long Tail Cast On

I've started the second sampler -- the contrasting color makes it a bit easier to see the difference between some of the long tail versions--starting with the images  standard long tail—and the open loop long tail.  It is much easier to see the differences  between the two in the two color version.

I will continue the 2 color  sampler to highlight  the differences in some of the other basic long tail variations, Plus I will add some other long tail variations that look best when worked in 2 (or more colors).
It will be followed by a third sampler in the series--double yarn cast ons --Like Long Tail, but not quite, such as the Channel Islands Cast on,  Craig's Cast on,  EZ's style of provisional cast on, and others.

These samplers will be added to Cast on Tutorial (as Part 3 of the tutorial) soon.
I didn't link all these images--but you can find video's for most on my web page (there will be links when the tutorial gets added to the page)

I am working hard to overcome my sense of mental fog, and physical lethargy--Partly why I haven't been knitting or doing much of anything.

I took my bike out for a ride—and was too stiff and lacked the stamina to do much more than once around the block. OK the block is a merged block—It's actually 3 standard city block long, and 2 standard city blocks wide (on one end)--an over sized trapezoid, not a little square-- plus there is a bit of a grade. But no matter—the ride was under 10 blocks in all. Almost embarrassing to mention—considering how short the ride was. But even that helped—I slept better last night, and while I feel stiff today.. I feel better. Curiously, the down grade.. (where I picked up speed) was more uncomfortable than the up grade--I felt slightly out of control. It's been a long time since I have taken a bike ride—but I plan to change that.

I am going to take a long walk today (between the rain drops!) —to keep up some physical activity. Tomorrow I have a party(graduation) to attend. The sub way –and up and down stairs getting there and back) will give me some activity—especial because A) I will be bringing my own chair, and B) I have to change from subway to the elevated line mid trip—so there are extra stairs. In a bit of optimism, I'll be toting a small sun umbrella too. Thought likely it will be needed more as a rain umbrella.

I'll finish out the Memorial day weekend at the pool. Sunday is supposed to be clear (no rain) and Monday even better. Hopefully, my mood will be improved, too.

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