Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Long Time, No Posts

Not much going on—so not much to write about. But eventually, (now
) the small bits and pieces add up.

A new denim skirt completed—a good match to the denim vest. Not a perfect match—but that the good thing about denim—it doesn't have to be. This vest was last seen back in the beginning of April—when it was still under construction. Since then, its been finished—and had stud buttons nailed on—a nice touch for a denim vest, I think--and worn.

The skirt will go well with other other vests (especially, I think the red one)--It's nothing special 6 gores and little bit of kick at the hem; elastic waist—and some top stitching. It could have been done in a day or two if had just stuck with it. But it's done now. (I need to focus on the good!)

While there was blue thread in the machine, I finished up some mending (for friend) and for myself—a pair of jeans--currently the only pair of jeans that fit..(all of the others are way to big!) got a new zipper put in. It's a real chore to replace a zipper in jeans. I am not sure why I went to the effort. I don't wear jeans much—never did. As a teen I like cord's better. And that's been pretty consistent for most of my life. It's not that I haven't owned (and worn) jeans occasionally---it's just more often when I wear denim its skirts or dresses of some sort. And when I did wear pants, they were more likely to be tailored trousers, or twills  (ie, colored jeans, which are now once again in style) Still it's nice to have a pair of jeans that fit.

I've got a little knitting done... First—I got the buttons sewn on the lacy blue sweater vest (—so now its really finished. A bit done on my socks (languishing since forever... I started them in January and they still aren't half done!) and started a new sweater like thing-- but I am not loving it.. I have to decide if I am going to finish it.. or frog it. Every time I look at it, I think, more and more—FROG IT.

Mostly, I have been reading. I love my NOOK, and have filled it with books—it's amazing how many ebooks one can buy for $50—I have one or two pieces of fiction--(well semi fiction) Stories based on historic characters—presented in fictional vs historical style. The rest has been non fiction. A little history (real history) a little science –some biology, some ecology, some just about nature. Most are a few years old—and have been—for want of a better word—remaindered--a few were under a dollar, the bulk of them under $3.

I haven't read everything I bought yet—so there will be more days and evening filled with reading and not with knitting to come.

There is more sewing to come too.

And that's about it!

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