Friday, September 27, 2013

3 Days Later

And not much to show for it. Between Monday and Wednesday, I got four rounds knit. Since then, another 5—and in theory, I am done with the increase/decrease section. But I've decide to add another round—for a set of 11 increase/decreases, not the ten suggested (my gauge is slightly tighter than the recommended gauge).

Progress was slowed by a migraine—It's been a while since I've had one, and this one is holding on like grim death—the worst is over—its now just residual pain. Light doesn't bother me (well soft light) nor noise, and no more nausea, either.

A few more edits to the web page—and soon I think—some new videos. The Bind Offs page keeps collecting more and more different bind offs, and some videos are needed. The page is most definitely lacking links.

Earlier, I posted about getting a Chromecast device—and now, I've gotten another (for my other television—Oh, the luxury of 2 TV's!) Since I haven't installed it yet—here it is.
Here it is: the box, the device; the whole caboodle. The device is, as I said about the size of a table spoon, and its simple enough to install--USB to transformer/power supply, the other end of the cord to base of device, HDMI (with or with out the short extension) to TV--2 minutes to install (including crawling under table to find power stripe to plug the power supply—it could be faster if you have an accessible outlet!)--Then connect to network.. (another 2 minutes) and then you're done.

After that, I use my nook (I could use my phone—but its a PITA on the small screen) to connect to Netflix—It's really easy enough for anyone to install. (JUST be sure to go to your main network device to connect to the Chromecast to your Wi-Fi network)

It's been fun catching up on all the movies I haven't seen (and getting annoyed that some I want to see aren't available!) soon I'll start catching up on all those TV shows (Breaking Bad, etc) that I never saw. Its a normalizing factor. A common bond. I know, I often watch way to much TV--(don't we all) but not all TV is a total waste (after I post here, I will catch up and watch this week's NOVA broadcast—Law & Orders season premier bumped it on Wednesday).

This second Chromecast will make it easier to watch MORE TV—but since most of the time I watch with one eye on my knitting—its not a total waste of time

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