Monday, September 16, 2013

Gusset'd –In Stripes of Grey

The grey has held out—and 20 rounds later, the gussets are done—and the grey is not quite done. I have enough for one or two more stripes. Not the ideal time to run out.. but it will be OK (that is unnoticeable) in about half my shoes. And the rest of the shoes.. Well, really who looks at my feet that much anyway?

(I am holding off till tomorrow to photography my progress)

I always feel that the foot of sock is faster to knit... and it is. Unlike the leg portion, the foot is broken up into 3 parts—and each is about 1/3rd of the knitting.

I have completed the gusset, and from the base of the heel, I now have about 3.5 inches knit (the gussets are deep, but then, I have a high instep)--the foot proper is next. 4 inches or so of plain knitting.

Or rather, plainer knitting the instep does have a simple pattern—with a pepper stitch every 6th stitch, randomly. Pepper stitch is a super anemic bobble. Knit a stitch. Return it to left hand needle, and purl the same stitch. Return it to left hand needle for a second time and knit the stitch. (continue with remaining stitches, (in my case, K5) and then repeat.

The pepper stitch adds a bit of texture, and breaks up the clean line of the stripe—just a little bit.
It almost looks like a mistake—except it is clearly one that is repeated again and again, so it can't be.
One set of pepper stitches, on the first row of the color stripe is all that is needed.. Which means, once every 4 rounds.. And now, since the sole is plain—one half set (a mere 6 per sock) every 4th round. And soon enough, when I run out of grey (I think I have enough grey yarn for 2 more stripes.. 3 at the very most) even that bit of work will be gone. The last 3 inches of the foots 4 inches will be mindless simple knitting—made enjoyable by watching the yarn color change.

The last portion of the sock...the final 2.5 inches or so? Simple, simple toe. With each round getting smaller and smaller.

But I am getting ahead of my self! I still must actually knit the foot, and knit the toe. But I have done more knitting this past week, finishing the leg, turning the heel and making the gusset, than I did all summer—so there is hope. There is a doctors appointment, too, tomorrow that will provide some time for knitting, too. Nothing special, just a check up.

As for what I did on my summer vacation? Well I was an audience member on a TV show. Too bad the show isn't  scheduled for broadcast--well some segments are definitely being broadcast, and others.. might be- (its a back up/rehersal  show in case the host can't make it to work someday-) So if you do(watch)  or if you don't(watch) , you are not likely to see me in the audience of Wendy Williams show

I have lived in NYC all my life, and many shows are taped here...Rachel Ray, and Martha, Wendy and Anderson Cooper, and one of the court shows—The Peoples Court, and a whole lot more (SNL, and Jimmy Fallon, and so on) and I have never really been that interested in ever going to watch them live. But someone else did—I just went along for the ride as it were--

It was a lot of waiting around, standing in shade at least—since it was one of post pool (the pool closes Labor day) hot, hazy and humid days. There are always too many of these days in September!

I am not a fashion plate, and not the target demographic—so I was happy to be in the mid-section (and not the back!) of seating. And even if the show airs—I am not likely to be seen. The camera pans the audience most often when the members are standing, and I was standing behind a lovely, thin, tall woman—at best you'll see my sides—not my face.

The experience of being an audience member wasn't a great one—but it wasn't horrid either. Being with a companion made it better than it would have been alone. But not so wonderful that I am likely to repeat the experience soon.  

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