Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Spent the Summer Not Knitting

Also, not reading about knitting, or reading yarn store catalogs, or posting on Ravelry (or even reading Ravelry much.) And most obviously, not blogging.

I was knit out. Back in May, I started project after project (all now, collecting dust) trying to drum up interest.. But nothing worked. Finally I gave my self over to reading (and have read a mountain of books) and to summer leisure.

Finally I have gotten back to work. I think I needed a rest—and it's good that I took it, because
now, more than ever there are pressing projects.

I started early this week on a pair of socks that have been languishing. I am not sure that I like them.. but I wasn't willing to frog them.

The yarn is Patons Kroy, the color way (a misnomer) is rainbow.
First off, it's not rainbow colors.. and second, its not rainbow (ROY F BIV) order. But who knew that in the skein?

The ruffle is a simple set of short rows..with a picot edge.. the ruffle hides an inch of ribbing.

After the ruffle was complete, I didn't think I had enough yarn for a pair of I added a stripe of grey (and now I am thinking I don't have enough grey to complete the sock in the striped pattern—and the toe is likely going to be un-striped.

I've added a inch to the leg this week (they are still slightly shorter than my average socks) and have gotten the heel flap done, and the heel turned. Now on to the gusset and the toe, and at least 1 UFO will become a FO.

I have a half knit silk scarf, too, that is pending. But as soon as I finish the socks, I am going to start work on a pair of baby blankets... New grandchildren are on the way—twins! I dread this! I have second anything (most noticeably socks. But really anything)—syndrome.

I have to get over it. I will have years of knitting 2 blankets, and 2 sweaters, and two hats, and so on, new pairs of everything! They aren't identical twins, (and for now just twins! My DD get to decide when we know more) The same DD has declared: Gender Neutral!

Not really a problem for me—it's easy enough to buy yarn in every color of the rainbow (and in rainbow colorways!) and to avoid the common trap of being forced to buy only blue, (or only pink) I can buy reddish plum purple and blueish grape purple, and Lion Brand BonBons samplers for solid blue or solid pink and trim out the finish blankets.. Either color works well for a boy or girl—especially when the yarns aren't solids, but tweedy blends-(the now discontinued Lion Brand Color Waves)

I'll catch you up on all that is and has gone on in my life over that past few months.. but don't expect much knitting—because there just wasn't any.

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