Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lookin' Like Socks

Not done yet—they still need another almost inch of foot before I can begin to shape the toe, but knitting is being done.

I was able to squeeze out 3 full sets of grey stripes, and 1 half stripe (a single round). I contemplated adding an extra stripe to one sock, and not the other for about a half second. But that wasn't going to happen. And I discovered (its been there all along, but I have managed to not see it) a mistake. One of the grey stripe (mid leg part of the sock) has 3 rounds of grey—not two. Oh well. I am not frogging back and making it perfect!

Here is some of my new, to be knit almost immediately stash.

There first is 2 colorways of Filitura Lanarosa Fashion Toes (aka Cascade's Happy Feet) –these skeins (I just bought the 2) will become hats.. Likely the Sweet Baby hat—one of my favorite little baby hats.
(Note: all the links are Ravelry.com ones--I am not sure if all can be seen to by non Ravelry members.) 

The Northern Lights will become an other hat.. or perhaps (I have 5 skeins of each color way) a caped hood. Not quite long enough to be a poncho—but a garment that covers the head and neck and fits easily inside a bunting. With enough left over yarn to make some booties, and mittens, too.
I don't have a pattern picked out yet—so these plans may change.

I need to check my stash of blue wools (and golden yellow and orange, too) I want to make the blue footed-boobies booties, (try saying that 3 times fast!) --or maybe some duck (or goose) booties.
The booties are fulled (felted)--so wool is needed (and I have lots of wool!) and even if they are blue (not a pastel baby blue) they are gender neutral--species neutral,  even!

So that is the future of my knitting --and there is more yarn in the babies to be stash. And more ideas—Some white sock yarn is going to become my own baby hat design –Syncopated Rhythm—Some traditional baby clothes (whites and soft baby pastels) are in order. And the babies will need a green hat, for St Patrick's day—and.. Well I could knit my fingers to nubs and still not have knit up all I want!

The summer past was also one one of technology upgrades.
It started in just before May, with my Nook --which I love! Then continued in August with 2 more technological additions. First a new phone. My old phone (a 3 year old one!) had suffered the several falls, and was after each coxed back into working. That was till early August. They it just gave up, and all my usual ministrations were to no avail. It wasn't quite a smart phone—but it was web enabled.

The new phone is a Samsung Galaxy—the smallest,(screen), thickest (but still incredible small) cheapest one available. ($125 before taxes and a protective cover) It's a real smart phone. Touch screen, built in wi-fi (connectivity, not a wi-fi hot spot—that cost more!) and all the other bells and whistles that smart phones are known for. I hardly use most of the features (which is why I got the smallest) I do text message, and occasionally use some of the other features (once or twice so far since I have owned it.)  But I just am not that big of a phone user. And not likely to become one.  This plenty of phone for now. 

The second upgrade is my new ChromeCast.  This device, is about the size of a table spoon (well, the bowl portion of a spoon) it connects my TV to my home wi-fi network—via the HDMI port.

Since I don't have cable, (well I do for internet, but not for TV) and didn't have a Ruko (I had been considering one) –I had, until this technological addition, a basic TV only. Now with the ChromeCast, I have Netflix, and full internet connectivity on my TV. My nook is my new “Remote” and I can watch anything I can down load on my letterbox shaped TV and not just on my square monitor.

I like the ChromeCast so much—I am seriously considering buying a second one, for my second TV. Yes, I could unplug and move it.. but it's a PITA to do. And at $35, (which includes 3 free months of Netflix) the thing is practically free. Buying a second one is a basic no brainer.

So another time waster has been added to my life. I hardly every go to the movies (I did once this summer--more on that later) but I do enjoy watching movies... especially at home.  

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Say, welcome back! And, your links work even if a person's not logged into Ravelry, a place I seldom go now either.

Love the stripey socks! I can't see a mistake and even if it was visible to someone, you could --oops kick them for being so close. hehe.

Love that you are posting again from time to time. Love it!

Smart phones are just too smart for me. I do text but I can't make a smile on my nice old phone-it's ok because the pictures are great. :-)