Saturday, September 21, 2013

Needles Found

And 2 hats have been cast on. The first few rounds—weren't--I worked the border flat –so much neater and easier to do with garter stitch.

Now, they are joined into rounds, and split over 2 circs. With 125 stitches, they are socks—doubled. But the decreases start in R1 – and soon—a lot sooner than in a sock—all the stitches will be decrease and the first of a dozen or so hats will be knit.--

After this, I think I will knit up some hooded dickies. New infant car seats are engineered so precisely, that snow suits/buntings are forbidden. Babies are supposed to be put in car seat, and then covered with blankets. A hood like hat, with a bit of covering to upper back and chest will be a useful garment. And make wrapping new born infants in a blanket easier.--and Hoods, with nothing to bind around the neck are safer too. 

I've been given a commission, too. A cousin has given my daughter one of the last sweaters her grandmother knit (for the cousin's baby (now school age!))--My daughter wants a second—not identical, but as close as possible. Sight unseen, I know the sweater is likely a top down raglan sweater—cabled and vaguely Aran in style. No to hard to copy. (I will use the sweater in hand like a chart--)

I found just the right blue to make some Blue-Footed Boobie baby booties, too. The NZ wool my sister sent to me (from her Christmas trip to NZ last year) is just perfect...4 skeins means I can make some small ones (new born size) and some bigger ones for when the babies are toddling around.

At 5 months, they are just under a pound—just perfect for singles—exceptional for twins. But then, I wouldn't expect anything else from my grandchildren!

Expect photos of hat progress in my next post

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Hope you feel really well and really soon. Darn there is a whole lot of something going around!

Only my reading and knitting are occupying me in down time this fall and winter. Three sweaters to finish. Then a pair of socks for Moi!