Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So They are Socks

There are still a few ends to weave in, but they are more or less done. They are OK. It happens sometimes, I have and idea, and try it out, and I am rewarded with something better than I hoped.

These socks are not one of those occasions. These sock are an idea that I tried out and the results, are meh. Liz and Margaret and Kimberly at Tuesday Night knitting—all disagreed. But they are still meh in my opinion. Kimberly pointed out they would be great boot socks. The ruffle top would make a great boot topper.  But I don't wear books. EVER.

The waitress thought they were funky... and I guess they are a bit.. but I have the 4 F rule.
4F's are rejects. The F's? Female, Fat, Fifty (or older) and Funky. Any 3 F's are OK, fine—but 4 F's? Is one F to many. Female, fifty, and funky—works. But fat, female, fifty and funky? One too many F's.

Fat, female and funky? That works too, but youth counts for lot!

But enough—sock are done, and it's time for the first baby hats to be knit.

First up, the sweet baby hat. At home, after knit night, I balled up the skeins of sock yarn, so I am ready to go. (I printed out the pattern yesterday when I got the link.)

EZ baby surprise sweater was discussed last night, too. I don't think it will make my list of things to knit.--but I am thinking about Debbie New's Ouroborus sweater—It will require 4 identical pieces. 2 in each yarn...
But it is such an interesting sweater to knit--and I have been wanting to knit another.  It was on my list for when DD had a baby--and I think its staying on the list, even if I need to make 2.  

I spend a lot of time reading this summer. Some hard copy books, and some e books.

E.M. Forester's Passage to India was one of the hard copy books—I watch the movie (I had seen the movie before, when it first came out.) and the book (and movie) were so different this time around. I am a very different person than I was then.

Eban Alexander's Proof of Heaven was interesting –though I am not quite sure he offers what the title suggest. Others have covered this topic better. (but at least he doesn't preach in favor of a particular religious view—so many books of this type seem to be proselytizing for Christianity.)

The Invisible Thread (Lauri Schroff/Alex Tresinowski) was wonderful. I at once was appalled by Ms Schroff naivety, and impressed by actions. A wonderful heart warming story that avoids the usual cliches.

My ebooks tended to be classics, that till now, I have managed to skip over.
Thackeray Vanity Fair.. (a bit wordy, and dated—the view of the world is one of a society long gone, with rather strict, unfair roles for women.

Victor Hugo's Les Miserable, too, was dense. It is interesting to read about these societies.. It's a lovely portrait of society long gone—I paired this with a portrait of Marie Antoinette—different views of the world... each one closed to one an other. Occupying the same time and country, and millions of miles apart.  

I read a ton (Well not really,but a good  half dozen ) before the summer started, too. Most of those were ebook, and a greater percentage were non fiction.  I feel caught up now on my reading.

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