Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some Progress Made

Last week, as I was about to snap images the hat progress, I found I had a twist. I was just 3 rounds past the join. Yeah, it happens, even with 50+ years of experience—not often, but. Partial to blame are the needles—I don't mind the stiff, un-yeilding cords on my old Boye needles—they are the needles I learned to knit on (well, these and DPN's) But their tendency to coil up masked the twist problem –until I went to smooth the hats out to photograph.  Even with pins, it's hard to show the shape of this hat. (I have new needles with more flexible coils for my socks.. (sizes 0,1, 1.5, and 2 (US sizing) –but sizes 3 and 4? I have way few needles, and most of them older.)  It's bit clearer when modeled on HEAD (but Head is bigger than this hat (6 month size--because, in our family (and I suspect, twins not withstanding, these new babies will follow suit) BIG heads are the norm. Starting at birth.  I have a 22 inch head--and my daughters head is bigger than mine. So six months for any other baby is newborn size in our family.

It was just one hat that had the twist -- so off the needles it came, and a frogging it did go. By late Sunday evening, I was back to were I had started. I did make a small effort to just do a partial frog—but messed up (twice!) trying to remount the hat.. so it just made more sense to start from the beginning.

Yesterday—I had appointments, and tasks that kept me out from 8 am to 2 pm—and I came home exhausted. I hadn't sleep well Sunday to Monday—well-- actually I sleep fine once I got up mid-night and put on some clothes, closed the terrace door and put a blanket on the bed. Though it did take me a while to warm up. The weather is lovely with warm sunny afternoons, and cool breezy evenings.. but I wasn't dressed, nor was my bed, for 50° weather!

Still-- I have an inch of knitting done—which is nice progress. Each hat is 120(+) stitches, and that's 2 socks worth of stitches per hat—so with 2 hats, each gaining an inch—its almost equal to 2 inches of progress on a pair of sock.These hats aren't hard, but with increases and decreases, they do take more time than a plain sock leg. The hats start out with a series of M1's and Raised Center decreases—and the stitch count remains even for a score of R's. I am just at the half way point—another 10 R's, and the decreases (only) start. Then progress will really be fast. Every other round, the stitch count will be reduced by 6-- just 40 ever decreasing rounds to finish the hats. So—as promised—a photo or rather, 2.

 Tonight is knit night—so some more progress will be made. I don't think I will have finished the first portion (where the stitch count remains the same) but there should be some visible progress.

If you haven't visited my web page recently—you should. I have been making small changes (and bigger ones are to come) and there is yet another new cast onDollyq (on Ravelry) came up with yet another version of a double chained (or as she calls it an imitation I-cord) cast on and bind off method.
The bind off page has some new links (it's really much more of work in progress than the cast on pages) – you can expect more improvements soon.

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