Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another Wedge and Then Some

Wedge 10 is finished and 11 half done, and when the blanket is folded flat, it seems I will end up with a do-decagon (a 12 sided polygon) after all.  Wedge 11 and then some to be finished today, 12 and the grafted seam for tomorrow.

Immediately after-- blanket 2.. A basket weave it is.  Garter borders and giant squares of seed stitch and stocking knit. It might end up being a rectangle rather than a square... and blanket 3 will be a triangle.

Not to get ahead of myself, but when I have finished the blankets,  I then have 2 commissioned pieces.  DD as for so little, it's a pleasure to do what ever she asks.

First she'd like a matching sweater to this one—knit by her grandmother for one of her cousins... I bought the yarn yesterday, and we decided on the slightly darker oatmeal color—since the cream didn't match perfectly. I looked for buttons too--but didn't find any I liked--and certainly nothing that match. 

The original is wool, (and slightly fulled from years of use)--and I will read the knitting like a chart to make a duplicate--since I have no idea where the original pattern is.   I might change it a bit, and knit it in one piece to the underarms (and eliminate the side seams)--I started a swatch last night (which is why wedge 11 is only half done)--I will swatch the cable—and make sure my gauge is close enough. I might make it a bit bigger.. (and allow for a bit of fulling) –besides, twins (especially non identical ones) don't always grow at the same rate.
The second request from DD was for a set of boob hats for the babies.. I love the boob hat—and I am happy to add this to queue. Even if I also still plan to knit Valentine's day heart hats and St. Patrick shamrock hats! 

 I was at Joanne's with DD yesterday and we decided on the colors.. the selection was limited. We chose the wrong day to go. The aisles of the yarn corner were filled with boxes—and a harried (but still pleasant) clerk was busy checking invoices and trying to organize things--and getting ready to unpack..  It was hard to walk in the aisles and see anything with all the boxes.. But still, I am not unhappy with what we found... Maybe if they had a paler pink (we are both very fair) but I don't think there is a paler pink.  

Which reminds me... I placed a large ($75+tax & shipping) order to Lion Brand last week—and it didn't come packed with their new catalog! How annoying. Well maybe I'll find one in my mailbox this week.

I love my Nook, and reading books on it. (and my reading list is growing fast than even I can read!) but I don't like reading zines on the Nook. I read books in strict linear way—I rarely skip ahead, and only occasionally go back-- but magazines articles are always broken up, and have pages of ads to skip—I tend to flip through a magazine—and it's just not as comfortable on the nook. I don't know if the Lion Brand catalog is available on line.. but even if it is—I want a lovely hard copy to read and salivate over.

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