Friday, October 25, 2013

Five Twelfths Done

By the end of the day, there will be at least one more wedge completed, and I will be at (or past) the half way point. This yarn, Lion Brands (discontinued) Color Waves is light and fluffy, and knit on the suggested needle is a rather open fabric. But it's warm (it's lovely and warm on my lap)--the fluffy open fabric is a therrmal trap.

At the rate I am working, the first blanket should be finished by the end of the end of this month.

It's chilly—47° out side (at 10 AM!) and cool (67°) inside, and the blanket is nice to knit. This morning it was cold enough to be a hot oatmeal and hot coffee breakfast day—The first time this season. I always cook up a full measure of oatmeal (I make steel cut oatmeal that takes ages to cook)--so I have a few more bowl tucked away in the fridge for tomorrow and other cool mornings.

The second blanket will be made in the same yarn, different color way. The lavender mix is called pebble beach, the other skeins are in the Mai Tai color way—a rosy reddish purple—with lots of other colors mixed in.
Each wedge is 22.5 inches, so the finished blanket will be a 45 inch circle. The plan is for the square one to be a 45 inch square. The 3rd, triangular blanket will be a simple knit, and make 1 every row until I run out of yarn. This is works for me.. making 2 blankets—the same except for the color would be just too boring. But 3 blankets-each different.. not a problem!

I have to work at these blankets and other baby stuff.  The babies are doing well and growing well (as they should)--they are in the top percentile for their prenatal age--and the doctors are thinking that while 40 weeks in the first week in February--these twins will be big enough to be delivered at 36 weeks. So there is not much time for knitting--especially when knitting double!  And there is a greater need for warm woollies for babies born in the dead of winter. 

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