Saturday, October 26, 2013

Now It's Five Twelfths To Go!

Two more wedge completed—(and a few rows more of wedge 8)--along with the second skein of yarn.
No photos for the moment-- but a recipe--

Since this isn't quite a pattern
Cast on 50,
knit 1 row.
Knit the next row, too. —But stop 2 stitches short of the end of the row.
Knit back
Repeat (Knit the next row, but stop 2(more) short)
then Knit back.
Repeat 23 more times, each time knitting 2 fewer stitches.
When the last row is just the last 2 stitches-- then knit the full row, and back again-- 1 wedge completed.
Repeat—11 more times—till you come full circle.

Actually, the cast on number (should be about 20 inches) depending on your yarn, needle and gauge; with the number of steps you take (2 stitch step, or 3 stitch steps) the number (and shape) of wedges will change. But there are many different combination that will make a polygon that sort of looks like a circle.

Another version of this pattern calls for a new color of yarn as a wedge is completed.

In the end, I will half graft the last row of live stitches to the cast on edge.

Things will slow down over the weekend—there are things to do, and people to see.. and knitting won't be the top priority. But I still plan to get at least finish the partially started eight wedge, and get one more done —and be at the three quarters point on Monday.

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