Friday, October 11, 2013

Some Hats

The first pair of baby hats are done—in non traditional colors.. Eventually they will get solid colored pompoms--(DD will decided what colors.. (pinkish –or bluish for the paler one.. or not.. and yellow orange or navy for the darker one..or not)

These hats are the Sweet Baby hat—a free pattern on Ravelry—and they are size 6 months—but the family history is for babies with very large heads (even more so than average) they will likely fit at a few weeks.
These hats almost fit HEAD--(which is a small adult size head)--and unlike the original pattern--no ties. (which are deemed to be a choke hazard)

Started are the next pair of hats—a much more traditional set—In neutral white.. With white pompoms most likely (but little bows can be added if desired) This is my own pattern—Syncopated Rhythm—and these are being knit in a new born size.. But this ribbed hat has a lot of stretch—and will fit for a while.
This is an fun pattern—it's one that is readily adaptable to a large number of sizes—with nothing changed but the gauge—These hats are done on fine sock yarn (a 3 ply yarn vs a 4 ply) and size 2 needles. They are smaller  than the pattern suggest--to make a new born size hat.  It won't matter if they only fit for a few day.  It's so practical to NOT buy or make newborn size stuff..Babies grow so fast--(and mine? they were too big almost from day one for new born clothes) but it is nice in the beginning to have a few things that do fit.  

I have also scaled this pattern up and knit it with worsted weight and size 7 needles and it works fine—as an adults hat. Up scale the pattern further, to a aran weight wool and size 8 needles and it will fit men with large heads.
What you are seeing is the deep cuff that this hat features.  A few more rounds, and I will reverse the knitting--(turn the knitting inside out, and start the pattern all over again) to start the actual hat.  The deep cuff makes the hat nice and warm.

Then there will be some booties or some mitts—the little darlings are due in the dead of winter, and having a few hats, and mitts, and booties will be useful. I have some yarn left over from the first set of hats, and will likely have plenty of yarn from the second set (and if not, I have more of this sock yarn)

Both of these sets are mostly wool (10 to 20% nylon) machine washable sock yarn... easy care. I like the idea of wool for new born's. Wool is a much more comfortable warn-so so many reasons. But I am realistic. I have some synthetic yarns, too, (for the baby blankets and for a set of sweaters)

I would have gotten more done--but for some distractions--a bunch of new books and magazines, Breaking Bad--I am into season 3 now--far, far into it..., and jury duty--which didn't permit knitting.  

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Judy said...

I think it is a travesty we can't knit while waiting for jury selection or in the jury room.