Monday, October 14, 2013

They Are Beginning to Look Like Hats.

 They got started at jury duty, and even though I have been reading, and still watching more episodes of Breaking Bad, I have a gotten some knitting done.

The cuff has 4 pattern repeats of the cable pattern—and then I reversed the work, and started again on the body of the hat. I am just about done with repeat 6 of the cable pattern A few more repeats and then I'll start the crown shaping—and another pair pair of hats will be done.

These are 'coming home from the hospital hats” they are small, and will fit for a month or two—but not next winter. Machine washable sock yarn—in this case, Red Heart's Heart & Sole.

After the hats, I'll be starting on the baby blankets—I am still unsure which pattern I will use, or if I will use 2 different patterns.. or.. But I need to get started.

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