Monday, October 28, 2013

Three Quarters Done?

Well -- 9 wedges done. But it looks like 9 won't quite be enough. The four  skeins will be. As I have gone along, the first skein made 3 wedges and a few rows of wedge 4.

Skein 2 completed 3 wedges—and half of another. Now, 9 wedges have been knit, and there is still enough yarn for most (if not all) of wedge 10. When wedges 10, 11, and 12 have been knit there will be—for sure—enough yarn for wedge 13. I do have 2 more skeins—in case I run short.. but I don't think I will.

And likely, wedge 13 will be needed. I suppose if I were superstitious I would frog, or fudge (and have a slightly less than a flat blanket) and stop at 12. But I am not superstitious—I live on floor number 14—but the elevator skips from 12 to 14—so I am really on the 13th floor—and I know it.

I won't tell anyone—I doubt anyone will sit and count the wedges—in a single color its not immediately evident (or easy to count). My daughter isn't superstitious either—so she won't mind.
I'd rather have a slightly fuller (to the point of almost ruffled) blanket than a slightly smaller (and cupped one).

I am still deciding which square blanket to knit... A simple one—like a wash cloth starting with 3 and increasing—to the half way point and then decreasing..But I think this is better suited to the triangular blanket--(number 3)just knit and increase till I run out of yarn If seems too big—well increase and decrease and make another square blanket!

Perhaps a 9 patch—a border of garter and squares of stocking knit and reverse stocking knit.--or maybe stocking knit and seed stitch... or.. well a simple basket weave of some sort. Even just off set rows of garter would be interesting.

K for square 1, p for square 2, k for square 3.. It would break up the lines and be interesting to knit.. with out being too complicated.--I don't mind doing 4 square of purl every stitch/every row garter.

I have also considered (and rejected) a mock entralac--I'll have to come to a decision soon--this blanket is rapidly nearing completion.

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