Thursday, October 24, 2013

Well, I Have Been Knitting

 And reading, and cooking, and visiting with friends, and....

Monday I mostly finished the Syncopated Rhythm hats—I still need to make pompoms.. but I am going to make a few.... One in every color of the rainbow—and two white ones. Then my daughter can decide what color she wants (or the white)--I have to dig out my Clover pompom maker—I love the big fluffy pompoms the Clover tools make.

These hats are miniature—really home from the hospital and won't fit in month hats.. Which is fine, because when the baby's are a month old, it will be Valentines day—and I will have heart hats for them, and when they are 2 months old, they will be sporting hats with shamrocks, and the next month hats with colorful Easter eggs. Not the I am obsessed with making them hats or anything...

The first baby blanket is started, and 25% done—it will be circular—well actually a 12 sided polygon that sort of looks circular. Blanket 2 will be square—and there might be a spare—triangular-- keeping up the geometric theme. I bought 6 skeins (they were sold in lots of 3)—and I thought 3 skeins wouldn't be enough.

Good thinking--blanket 1 is likely going to need ever inch of 4 skeins—and blanket 2 the same. Then I will have 2 +2 skeins left over.. (for the spare blanket) --

There are still booties to knit, and a nice hood with dickie—scarves are out for infants, but something that covers head and neck will be useful—And I have some skeins of Paton's Décor (acrylic) for baby sweaters, and I keep finding cute patterns that I want to knit! And, and, and!

I treated myself to some wool, for me, too. Lion Brand 1878 wool has been discontinued—I love this wool and at half price—well-- a few cones (each over 2000 yards) have found there way into my stash.

I love the green shell I knit for myself in the Lion Brand sock yarn last year—and I want to knit some more and I will--  But a charcoal grey sweater –knit with 2 strands held together—so it's not so fine as sock yarn—but finer than DK, will be very useful and I now have the yarn for it. I bought some cones of the white, too. No plans for the white—except that some of the yarn won't remain white!

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