Tuesday, October 01, 2013

With Every Round

It looks (well actually both look—but I continue to just photograph one) more and more like a hat.

It's beginning to go faster—the rounds are noticeable smaller and will continue to get smaller and smaller.

I am already thinking about the next hat—a more traditional style—white, ribbed and cabled. I always make this hat--Syncopated Rhythm (one of my own designs) with a pompom—I have lots of left over sock yarns in every color of the rainbow—color coded pompoms might be used.

It will depend on my DD—I don't know what she will want. She wants gender neutral stuff.. but sometimes its nice to have a bit of blue or pink to make it easy—every one always asks ''Boy or girl?” though I suppose you could say the orange pompom is a boy, the lavender one is a girl.

I could just make white pompoms, too. After the white hats, I need to get started on the baby blankets—TWO baby blankets.. I don't even want to think about it. I haven't decided what style blanket to knit. Every time I see a new blanket... I think—That's a nice design... maybe I'll make that. The leading contender is an EZ(immerman) design.

I would have more progress to show on the hats—but I am still reading a lot... I crave reading matter like an addict. I am at page 85 or so of The Big Oyster (Mark Karlandsy) —a history of NYC based on the oyster industry. Page 85 is still in the 1600's but the tail end. There is not much of history of NY precolonial—most of the evidence is gone, and very little to none was recorded by the early Eurpopean inhabitants. I have previously read his book on the natural history of salt, and have several other of his books on my to be read list.

I have a half dozen or so books downloaded and in my nook waiting to be read. Including one classic one of baby patterns.. (so there is hope of the baby's getting little knit jackets, and hoods, and booties and what not.)

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