Monday, November 04, 2013

It's Girls!

Two baby girls...How wonderful! Growing well (in the 95th percentile—for singletons—off the charts for twins) and appearing healthy. Yesterday was the shower –or should I say deluge! A beautiful day for a wonderful party—and millions of gifts. I am not sure there room for baby's in the apartment.

So many new wonderful things these days for babies...I was stunned and over whelmed. My gifts are all going to be hand made ones.. A niece for my ex's side was there—I haven't seen her for some year (her grandfathers funeral)--Her children still play with the stuffed toy I knit for her-(that is how she introduced me to her children.. (This is Emily's mommy—She's is aunt who made the stuffed elephant).
That is the best—to be remembered and known for the things I hand crafted--(some 40 years)... I didn't even remember that toy at first!

I have to confess—I didn't (don't) care (boys, girls, one of each)--Healthy is my desire. But as a knitter—well, it's way more fun to knit for girls. There are so many things designed for girl—and the same goes for sewing. My sewing machine has several pre-programed stitch patterns for flowers—but nothing for boys—not sports stuff, or even gender neutral stuff (teddy bears or other animals.)

I suppose scalloped edging could be considered gender neutral—but I think its more feminine—I have girls to sew for!

As for knitting—Wedge twelve is complete(finally) —all that remains (for today/tonight) is grafting the open stitches to the cast on edge—and then getting started with blanket 2.

The queue of baby things to knit just keeps getting longer and longer...(and here I am goofing off at the computer!)

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Mimi said...

Nice story. I hope I might be remembered one day because of something I made that was treasured.