Monday, March 10, 2014

Beginning to Look Like Sweaters

With a few inches of the body knit—they are beginning more and more to look like sweaters--

Following the manufacturer's suggestion, once I started the plain stocking knit, I also began to use 2 skeins—working alternate rows with different skeins—K, k, P, p—is the easiest way with a circ—It has changed the pooling a bit—but there are still large pools of blue, and large pools of pink--

I don't think I am going to bother working with 2 skeins per sleeve—that is just to much—especial because I like to work the sleeves 2 at time (or in this case, 4 at a time!), in the round, with 2 circular needles.. adding 8 skeins of yarn to mix is just to much! Beside, the sleeves are so narrow—it won't make much difference.. there will be pooling.

I am going to make the sweaters long—and they will be hemmed, not finished with ribbing. The sleeves, too will be hemmed. Its hard enough to get little baby arms into sleeves—they don't need tight ribbing to make it harder. (as I am writing this, I realized, I will end the sleeves with folded back cuffs—the kind that will serve as mittens. A much better idea than either hems or ribbing.

But sleeves are a way off—first I have to finish the bodies of the sweaters!

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