Saturday, March 08, 2014

Egg Heads

These egg hats have been done for almost 2 weeks now—well done-- but not deviled. I know I have some (a partial skein) of red yarn—but where it is? It is a mystery. I've done 2 projects, and started a third while I continued to look for the red yarn.

Yesterday—I gave up and took a partial skein of white (left over egg white!) and dyed it a rich dark red—so now I have only to knit the 4 little horns to have these hats finished. They are still a bit big, and while today is moderate (not quite 50°) there is still more cold weather predicted for next week—and the hats will fit for a while –so if spring rushes in, they hats will hold till the fall.  But even if the weather gets warm, March is a windy month--and baby's need hats for the first two years in my opinion (My DD is not sure yet--but I keep her well stocked with baby hats, the girls will wear them!)

I'll finish the sweaters first. I just go a few row of the plain stocking knit below the arms done yesterday, so there isn't much of change to see—You'll have to wait till Monday. By then, I should have some real progress to show off.

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