Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Here—and Gone.

One day, I am going to remember, I can't start a project after 9PM with out paper work and real pre-planning.

But  last night wasn't the night.   I started a pair of baby sweaters—top down raglan's—and cast on 72.
72 is the wrong number to cast on! I needed 71, (the pattern is a multiple of 10 +1)--but I needed some more stitches for the button bands--I totally forgot to include button band stitches in my initial stitch count. 

72 is also wrong for 1 X 1 ribbing—I like my button bands to start and end with Knit stitch—and I need 12 stitches for the button bands—I work the button bands in a slip stitch pattern, so they aren't nearly as wide as they sound like they would be.

I also decided for some stupid reason to start them sweaters not together, but separately. And that caused further problems, when I couldn't (well I couldn't last night) get the sweaters to match up—and have an equal number of rows, and the same side out on the cast on--which matters with the cast on I used--it is one with a definitely side A and Side B (I won't call them right and wrong (both sides are interesting, but not identical) 

And in spite of this, I kept knitting, thinking it would be OK... but when it came time to do the pattern—well I didn't have the right stitch count--D'oh! (but it did take me tinking counting and reknitting the row before i realized what was wrong!)

So this AM I gave up. The ribbing you see is gone—the work has been completely frogged, and started over again in the light of day, with just a brief bit of figuring.. and now, 3 rows of ribbing completed.
Next up the first button hole, and soon after that, the pattern will start.  

By tomorrow, there will be something to see. A completed neck band, and a few rows of the pattern established.

The yarn is Adrialfil's IMPULSO—a machine washable wool and nylon blend—that was a special at one of Smiley's sales a few seasons ago. I have 10 50g balls—they suggest 9 for a medium womans sweater, so I think I'll have enough for two little sweaters. The lace will make them girly—and if I have extra, they will get hats to match—more likely, they will get pink hats—trimmed with some of the Adriafil yarn—not perfectly matched hats, but coordinating ones.

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