Friday, March 28, 2014

It's a Triangle!

Not done—but, well almost. The last repeat of the pattern was finished up last night and it was photographed—then after dinner, I began the tedious work of picking up stitches for welted edge. And there are some ends to weave in, too (you'll see them)

Well, the pick up got done. I haven't knit a single stitch on a single row—yet. Today, my first order of business is laundry, then the devil horns are going onto the egg head hats, and then tonight, after dinner, the first row of the welt will be knit. Or at least, that is the plan.

I like this shawl—even thought it has so many details I generally don't like!

It's a bit small for my taste; or rather the welting makes it a bit small. The welting is much tighter on the wide end—as happens, and looser on the narrow end. The weight of the work stretched the welting out—more and more as the shawl got heavier. I think the tight end will relax a bit with wearing; or maybe that is just foolish hope. (It looks great on the dress form—but the dress form is almost child sized!) At the same time, you can see how the lace stripes seem farther apart on the narrow end than they do on the wide end.

As the length of the rows changed, the striping pattern changed—another detail that I normally don't like..the long (264 stitches!) beginning rows are tweedy. The long color changes weren't long enough for 2 rows of knitting.The stripes are tweed and only vaguely stripes.  At the narrow end, a color change lasted almost a full pattern repeat. There are different dye lots too. Well, that is to be expected when you find skeins with out bands.. but one skein has 3 knots—and the dye lot changed with in the skein itself. The dye lot changes are visible in some light, but with all the color and the tweed vs stripe effects—they are not a dominant feature --as they might be in plan knitting or a solid color.

(All three of the skeins had knots--I love the color way, but I hate knotty yarns--I would have been upset if I had paid full price for this--And I won't likely buy any more for the same reason.)

The whole thing is asymmetrical—and while I am not as ridged about things being symmetrical as my DD, I, too tend to prefer symmetry. Asymmetry is usually not my thing.

So there are a lot of reasons not to love it.. But I love it anyway!  It's warm--too, but acrylic often is--the welting keeps it from being over warm

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