Friday, March 14, 2014

Long Enough

I think. I like long baby sweaters—ones that cover them from shoulder to hip—I am tempted even to knit a sack—a long long sweater from shoulder to toe.

But that's an old fashioned style. The yarns stripe and pool and well I am not sure using 2 balls for each sweater has made much of a difference. 3 of the 4 balls have had knots—and these have changed the pooling patterns more than anything...

So its time to start a hem, and then go one to work the sleeves. The matching hats will be mostly pink, (a closely matching solid pink acrylic) –to make it clear these are baby girls—since these sweaters are really unisex with all the blue. Thought the bit of lace at the shoulders does make them a little girlish.

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