Monday, March 03, 2014

One Done, Another Begun, (and almost done!)

The Pieces of Eight mitts are done—and finished, and ready to wear. I love how they look, and they were a fun bit of knitting.--They are however very difficult to photograph! 

The pattern is free, and not the best written—and to be honest, I didn't really try to follow it. I did follow (for the most part) the photo's—which were excellent. My mitts are much bigger (but my yarns was heavier (sports, not fingering) and so were my needles (US5 vs US3)--but I like fingerless gloves that are more like gauntlets and cover half the arm.. (If it's cold enough to add fingerless mitts over gloves, it's cold enough to need something that come half way up your arms!

I didn't quite have enough of the Lane Mille Colore partial skeins—so the mitts were finished with some chestnut brown hand dyed Lamb Pride.  I had 2 50g skeins of this yarn--Lovely stuff, but there is a limited amount of things to be done with 100g of sports weight yarn--especial a solid.  There was more than enough to finish off the mitts, though 

Once done, I still had 1 full (50g) skein of the Mille Colore plus 2 partial skeins of the Lambs Pride.  So a cowl—I kept thinking I wanted a figure 8 cowl—but in the end, settled for a mobius cowl. It's been a good number of years (10? 12?) since my last mobius—so it was time. The cowl is about 36 to 40 inches (I can't really be sure till I bind it off!) so it can easily loop like a folded figure 8—which will be a good go with the mits.

By the end of the last night, all of the Mille Colore was gone, and the edging of chestnut brown Lambs pride was started. A few more rounds and this tangled mess will be a matching mobius cowl.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I love the colors in these mitts and the mobius. It will be a beautiful set to wear, and must have been something cheerful to knit through this LONG dark winter. Lovely news about the little twin Granddaughters!