Friday, March 07, 2014

Skein 1—Done!

Well to be perfectly honest—it's not quite done yet—I have enough to do one more row—and that row will be the division row—when I slip some stitches on to holders, for the sleeves, and start working the body of the sweater.

As for the lace—I think I will continue it into the body of the sweater—at least in the front. In the back, there will be a few short rows to make the back longer than the front—a better fit even for babies.
It will be easier to leave the back plain

The manufacturer suggest alternating 2 skeins as you knit—I didn't do that for the yoke—the increase naturally break up pooling a bit, but I think I might for the body of the sweaters.

As you can see from this small section, this side of the sweater is almost all blue and white—the right side (stuck in the middle of the circ cable) is mostly pink... I am not displeased with the results—These are baby sweaters—they will fit for a few months.. Late spring, cool nights in the summer, and then again in the fall.

Chances are they won't fit come next year –(though it is possible) Baby sweaters are well,ephemeral,  almost! They will get fancy sweaters (read: stranded color work!) when they are aged 5 or 6—something that is big year 1, fits perfect year 2, and is (hopefully) beloved, and squeezed into year 3--

And there is a single sweater planned (to match one my M-I-L knit)--so they can have some cabled irish style sweaters. 

There is an effort –with lace and pretty yarn—but I am not going to obsess over how the yarn pools for a baby sweater.

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