Thursday, March 27, 2014

What's Up?

Well the triangle striped lace shawl had gone from 77 stitches remaining to 50 something.. 2 full 24 row pattern repeats done (and a few more rows on the next repeat.)

Quickly it's going to be done! (Well, maybe not so quickly) I do plan to pick up stitches on the diagonal edge and add some welting.. How much? I am not sure! As much as I have yarn for! At least one set of welts (3 rows of stockingknit and 3 rows off reverse) I'd like more welting.. but I don't plan to buy any more of this yarn—I started with 3 damaged (2 label-less, and one a bit shopworn (knotted and messed up) skeins from a clearance bin... Any more yarn would be full price. But I do think it will better with at least some welting.

I'll work on it today, and maybe take a photo when I finish off the main triangle--the welted edging will fit on a single circular needle, but it will be wrinkled and bunched up as I knit--and it won't photograph well.  But--definitely a photo when it's done!

Yesterday I was out from early morning (8AM) to 7PM (if you count door to door) and while it was a good day—(I was mostly indoors and not out in the freezing, windy air) it was a long day. I got a little knitting done—
See here: 4 little devil's horns knit for the egg head hats. Today they will be grafted onto the hats, and I'll have Deviled Eggs! My plan was to graft them to the hats last night—but that didn't happen.

I am going to knit up some fancy holiday eggs, too (in cotton) for the girls as little toys—I've knit these before (for myself, and for my other grandchildren)  They are fun for egg hunts (well not now—the girls are just 9 weeks old and not up to doing egg hunts—they can barely find their own fists!) but if I knit 2 or 4 each year, and by the time they are 4 or 5, there will be a dozen or so to play with—then I will switch to blown eggs 

No one in my family was a big fan of hard boiled eggs—so most of my children's holiday eggs were blown eggs.  The girls dad loves deviled eggs—but there is no way to hard boil eggs (and decorate them) if you are making deviled eggs!

The eggs will be done in fine cottons and some novelty yarns (--remnants mostly)—in stripes and  stranded color work style, and just plain —and they will help me get over my urge to knit socks (Or at least to not start any socks till I have finished all the other WIP's)

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