Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yeah, I Have Been Knitting...

I just have been starting, and starting but not finishing...The baby sweaters are still missing sleeves. The egg head hats still are missing their devils horns.

There is a shawl has been in progress for a few weeks, (and it's crying out to be finished!) and a silk scarf has been started....(more on that tomorrow or Thursday—tomorrow is a busy day, and I might not get anything posted)

And suddenly, all those project bags with socks kits in them are looking so attractive! I am jonesing to knit a pair of socks.. and I got it bad.

So I decided to, at least, come clean about what I am really doing. Well-- I am doing some cleaning and reorganizing—(and this doesn't really help—since it often leads to distractions—stash yarn remind me of things I planned to knit.. (like pink shell in sock yarn, and matching cardigan in some alpaca—I love my leafy green shell and want another one—In pink, in blue, (I don't have blue yarn) in brown, (again—no yarn, just a dream)

And I have been busy socializing—My DD and new granddaughters for one, sibling for two, a knitting group that fell apart when most of the members experienced some health related problems...

A broken right arm (on a righty) plays serious havoc with knitting. And a frozen shoulder on another group member doesn't help her knitting —any more than ambulatory issues on a third is any help in having her join us--especially when this winter has been one of snow and ice! I had my own set back with the lose of my knitting mojo, which is slowly coming back--but the other issues are getting resolved.. Collectively we are all better, and getting together monthly, if not weekly.

So here is MOST of a shawl--(only 6 (maybe 7) pattern repeats left to go.. (but each pattern repeat is 24 rows!)--it's Red Hearts Unforgettable (a single ply acrylic from the Boutique collections). The good news is there is are 12 decreases in every pattern repeat, so the row get shorter (and easier to work)--the bad news is there are still a lot of rows to go!

The pattern is a series of welt, (3 rows of stockingknit, 3 rows of reverse stockingknit) and every 4th welt has a little bit of lace. 

I like how the stripes and the color effects change.. at first, I could just knit a row or two before the color changed—and the effect was not so much a stripe as it was a tweed. Now I can get 4 to 5 rows before a color change—so the appearance changes (and by the end when there are even few stitches, the stripes will be bigger still!)

The diagonal edge will have a welt or two added to finish the shawl.

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