Friday, April 04, 2014

A New Beginning

So yesterday I mentioned that I was giving up on the baby sweaters—I pulled them off the needles, and started some new sweaters—but I haven't frogged the work yet.

Here is a nice image of one of the sweaters.. Pretty, but way to small for 11 week old girls. I want them to have some use of them so sweater for them need to be a bit big right now—so they will still fit in another month (or 2 or 3!) This sweater is pretty--but newborn size--Take 2 will be six to nine month size. 

Here is the new beginning... and what a nice beginning it is. The same cast on –I like this cast on.. not quite a picot edge, and up close it looks almost like a tubular cast on—It's the Chinese version of long tail. This cast on alternates standard long tail stitches with one more like the I
Italian cast on—not to hard to do or learn, and a nice edge results.

More stitches this time—just a half dozen, to start, and a few more in the row of purls just below the ribbing,  but the result is a totally new stitch count. While I could have worked out the details and count for the zigzag petal pattern detailing.. I passed. This time, just simple columns of lace, radiating out from the neck edge. (Of course I had to work out the placement of the columns--but...)

Already in these first few inches, I am very happy with the results. The different stitch count has changed the way the yarn pools —I like the tweedy result much better than the pools of blue and pink.

I started with 10 ball of this yarn, and worked the yoke(s) in a single ball, and then had started using two balls (to minimize—or so I thought) the pooling of colors... I still had 4 balls of yarn remaining. I am using 2 these right now, and will have another 2 to continue. I'll unravel the work of the first attempt sweaters tonight or tomorrow, and wind the yarn onto skeins on my niddy-noddy, and then let them relax a while before making them back up into balls (or cakes, if you prefer).

I haven't decides if I am going to continue the lace columns past the yoke...but I have some time to think about what I am going to do. And to think about what sort of hats I will make to match the sweaters.  

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