Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Earth Day at Flushing Town Hall

Earth Day was celebrated at Town Hall with Arts and Crafts, Dance and Food Demonstrations—all international in nature as you'd expect in a neighborhood that boast 179 language!

My DD lead the Food Demonstrations, making carrot salad and cooked greens—Also available was fresh carrot/apple/ginger juice. Young Ms C was enthralled by Indian Dancing (or maybe just by the colorful costumes and music) and her sister Ms J played hostess to a number of young children who were more excited by a baby than by stir fried Chinese broccoli stir fry.

It was a beautiful day—the rain held off till we were home, though we did lose the morning sunshine last after noon.

This AM, hems and buttonhole—and now its just sewing on the buttons and the newest shirt dress will be done.  I still have a huge pile of fabric  and I am full of ideas on what to do with each piece.

I have no idea what will come next--High on the list is a grey skirt, and then a plum one, (both solids) and huge chunk of blue fabric (almost 3 yards, 60 inches wide) is slated to become  a set--a skirt and a vest, and shirt dress (or perhaps a sleeveless jumper.) The solid blue will match several prints I own, will make some mix and match separates--a solid vest with a print skirt, or over a shirt dress, or a blue skirt with  several of the print skirts I made last year--And with several other prints I have in the pile.

I plan to make some hats for the girls--at 3 months, their eyes are still blue--and they will need summer hats with brims to shade there eyes.  Busy, busy, busy, I'll be, with knitting, sewing and babysitting.

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