Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Egged Out.

Egg number six is done—I now have a half dozen for the babies--who might enjoy the colors, but will other wise be oblivious to them. I'll get some more done (for myself) just 1 or 2... I want to add to my collection. Next year when the girls are old enough to grab things and play with them, I want to have a some  for them to play with, at home and when they visit me.  Needless to say, I'll be knitting more next year, and likely the year after that. 
 I enjoy making these little projects, and could easily knit another dozen eggs. Once I get started on fun little projects like this—well they are like potato chips--You can't stop at one! All the ones I have this this go round have been simple-I want to do some interesting ones, now, too.

But I have other knitting to do, sweaters to finish, a shawl to finish, and scarf that is an other WIP--(and truth be told, there are easily another dozen or so WIP's in hibernation.)

Speaking of eggs, last night I had some wonderful curried eggplant. I am a bit of picky eater—it's not just flavors, but textures that influence my tastes. There are many vegetable I don't feel confident about cooking too. Eggplant is one. Done right, it is delicious, done wrong, it's bitter and yucky.

The easiest way to have success is to bread, fry and cover with tomato sauce and cheese--(but then, I feel confident that cardboard that has been breaded, fried, and covered in sauce and cheese would taste good!)

While I sometime spend the time to make up curried dishes, more often than not, I cheat and buy prepared dishes. Sometimes, it's just too much effort to cook up something with a dozen ingredients and several pots for just myself. Last night I had plain broiled chicken and Punjabi style egg plant... and wow was it good..

At first, it was sweet.. Sweet enough that I checked the ingredients for added sugar! There was none. But moments later, it was savory—the onion flavor kicked in, and so did some of the spices.. but as I finished the first mouthful, I felt the heat—not a lot, but most definitely there. And each mouthful was the same—moving from sweet to savory to hot. I wish I could cook as good as this--This eggplant dish was one of the best eggplant preparations I have ever had. I wish I had bought more of this particular dish (I hope the I can find it in the store again!)

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