Tuesday, April 15, 2014


And then, failed again. So, the plan was to make a pocket with a flap (a detail I like.. I love button down pocket flaps, and sometimes just plain pocket flaps...)

And the plan was to trim the pocket flap with some machine embroidery—but since the pocket flap came to a point---the most natural thing would be to make the embroidery come to a point, too.

Several flap (and half a spool of thread) later, the plan changed! A pocket with an embroidered top cuff. No flap. And if any more embroidery was going to be added, a new spool of thread was needed!

All the failed tries at a mitered, embroidered corner had used up miles of thread. So the dress is still not finished. But it's getting closer each day. The embroidery thread comes in what looks like normal spools, but there is only half the yards of a regular spool—and wide, dense zig-zags use up a lot more thread than a simple seam.  Today, I will set in the sleeves, (and embroider them, too) set in the zipper, (this shirt dress is going to be a zippered one) and finish the  hem.

Yesterday in the afternoon, I was summoned to baby care—DD was taking a running class (she is running a 5K in a few weeks, and a half marathon later this year) and off I went.

I got some 4 rows knit on the way over to her house—so I did get some knitting got done. Once there, I decided to take the girls for a walk—and packed them up in their stroller. It was still beautiful late afternoon (it was still 63° an hour later when the news came on)--so off we went. Our destination was a local store that had some sewing supplies, our goal a single spool of the embroidery thread. Fortunately, the store had the thread-- well that is, a single spool in the desired color. I also got some buttons for the sweaters. They are not my favorite buttons, but.. I want to have the sweaters finish by the end of the week, and I will need buttons, to have that happen. We then continued our way around the block and headed home.

Back home after this short outing—Miss C was up in arms... Someone had wet her diaper, and she couldn't stand it! How could anyone be so mean? And she was starving.. Her mother never feeds her, she complained! Woe is me!

Her sister Miss J, was exhausted from the outing, and slept through all of Miss C's carrying on.
In short order she had a new dry diaper, and was feed, and became her cheerful self again. She backtracked a bit, and acknowledged, yes, she might have had something to do with the diaper getting wet, and yes, her mother did feed her, but she really was starving—all the fresh air, and excitement, who wouldn't be hungry? Didn't I know she was a growing child?

Miss J woke from her 20 minute nap, and she too was wet and hungry—but this time, I was prepared.. The changing table had everything handy (Well actually everything is handy, it's just I don't always know where everything is) and a bottle was waiting for her.. No fumbling with putting on a nipple or anything else.

Soon enough DD was home, (and the girls greeted her as if she had been gone for days, not 2 hours) and Daddy soon followed –and both girls clambered for his attention (and got it.) And then it was time for me to leave. I came home exhausted, and didn't knit a stitch after that.

Next week Grandma--(Dad mom) will visit and listen to all the girls stories..and for the next month after that, we will continue to alternate. But there will be more occasions with the girls. We (me, mommy and girls) are doing earth day together—and that is just next week! And they are having a coming out party this weekend, and there are doctor appointments, other occasions that will require our presence.

They are growing and changing by the minute—so it's good to visit them.

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