Saturday, April 12, 2014

Inching Along

Finally some progress!

Yesterday the yokes finally got finished, and now the sleeves have been sectioned off.

An inch (well actually more than an inch—but why quibble) is done on the body part of the sweaters.

The first version of the sweaters were a scant 20 inches.. (and the girl measure 20 inches at the torso) No ease, no room to grow. Now the body of the sweater is 26 inches (and the girls have grown to 21!)

With 4 to 5 inches of ease these sweaters will fit now, and later this year.. There body shape will change, but most toddlers are only 22 to 23 inches in the torso—so this newest version will have some room to spare.

The plan is to have them finished by next week—So the pressure is on.

Today I plan to sew up the dress I cut on Thursday--(and maybe get it finished!) and will work on the sweaters in the evening. This afternoon might find me at the crafts store in search of buttons.

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