Monday, April 14, 2014

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Three, four, many inches more! With every row, they look more and more like sweaters. I want to add at least 4 more inches (for 8 inches from the underarm) and have resolved the bottom edge—a short ruffle. So 2 or so inches more of stocking knit, then another 2 inches in a ruffle and the body of the sweaters will done. I will work the sleeves flat (and do all 4 at once).

So at the beginning of the weekend, the sweaters were a scant inch below the underarm, (but almost 2 inches past the lace) and now they are just about 4 inches measured from the underarm. The yarn is pooling—and the fronts have resolved into uneven stripes, with a tweedy mix of colors in the back. Not perfect, but it's OK. I haven't bothered to work alternate rows with different skeins...I did that the first time, and I didn't find it made much difference.

I got some sewing done, too this weekend.. But I still have  not finished a simple shirt dress.  I did rework the pattern to start--First I re-enforced it.   I ironed the tissue paper on to some plastic coated paper so the pattern is now heavy grade! Then I made some changes-- I added a yoke.  So its a bit more shirt-dress

This time (this is the third time I am making this pattern), I added some machine embroidery, too. I am not sure how much I am going to add.. I am starting small. (I can always add more) I still have work to do—mostly stuff that 'crosses seam'.. I have the most basic parts done (front, back, yoke and pockets.)

And I've sewed up the sleeves and collar and press them as well, as well as all the seam on the basic dress. Now its time to bring all the pieces together, to sew on the patch pocket, the collar and sleeves.

That leaves the hem  to do.  Since the whole thing was made from scraps—and in theory, I didn't have the length to make a dress--some of the changes i made were to make use of the fabric I had.  The yoke helped,  to add some length,  the hem extensions will help, too. Besides, I like having some small variety—the pattern is a super simple one, so its easy to make these changes.   

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